You know you're Uptothetime when...

by Uptothetime Inc. December 31, 2016

What does it mean to be Uptothetime?  The million dollar question I hear often enough and the reason for this blog.  Perhaps you read on the site, that it's a Jamaican expression that means you're in your own league, however, providing additional context on the values Uptothetimers hold true would be even more useful.

So let's put it this way.  You know you're an Uptothetimer when, you... 

  • give freely
  • spread positive vibes
  • promote healthy lifestyle
  • are in tune with your emotions
  • focus on "I can" and make the effort
  • give your full hundred 
  • acknowledge wrong doings and say sorry 
  • keep it real 
  • reflect and be honest with yourself
  • know your self worth
  • commit to being a life long learner
  • look forward to making mistakes because with it comes learning opportunities
  • have the courage to do the right thing
  • speak up for what's right, no matter what
  • say good morning and bring joy wherever you go (i.e. smile)
  • and...

Being #Uptothetime is about being on a journey where you are conscious, mindful and present while focusing on being the best you can be.

We would love to hear your ideas on what being #Uptothetime means to you, so feel free to share. 



Uptothetime Inc.
Uptothetime Inc.


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