Keeping Time with the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada

In July 2017, UptotheTime Watches was among the proud sponsors of the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada. We donated five stylish watches to the Grand Prize package, which along seven other sponsors’ wares and $20,000 in cash, comprises the new Titleholder’s reward.

Congratulations Cynthia Menard! This 17yr old seen in the picture on the right won the title and silver crown on Saturday the 22nd of July 2017. She took home a myDream 3 silver watch with a red wristband, and four others with different coloured leather bands went to the four runner-ups, Alice Li, Maleeka Singh, Mattea Henderson, and Joana Szeen.

And in return, UptotheTime got to attend some grand adventures with the gals. One of the most interesting and memorable events was a Mariposa Cruises Toronto harbour tour which happened on Wednesday the 19th of July 2017.

The charter ship Oriole, six crew members and enough food for eighty people people was donated by the tour company for the express purpose of showing these young people the City of Toronto from a quarter mile offshore. That view really puts things in perspective, especially if this is your first trip to the city.

Many of these ‘regional delegates’ traveled from distant provinces and this was indeed their first time experiencing Canada’s largest urban center. The must have glimpsed the city from the sky as they flew in, and the pageant’s own litany of location visits would show them the city from land. But on that warm Wednesday afternoon they got to see it by water too.

And they danced. Below is the dance floor on the top deck of the Oriole. Nobody in the galley below could ignore the sounds of the girls dancing above them and soon everyone was up on deck whooping and cheering at all other passing ships.

In addition to the natural excitement of dancing to Justin Bieber’s latest songs, there were also two separate Instagram selfie challenges to participate in, and both offered delegates a good chance at winning a nice prize.

The VelagoSofaSelfie challenge was sponsored by a patio furniture company rewarded the best snapshot with a free outdoor sofa set, and the #SpectacleonDeck attraction was mounted by a fashion eyewear chain here in Toronto and gave away designer sunglasses to the girl who got the most likes for her selfie wearing shades with the city in the background.

There were also a half dozen very notable fashion bloggers on board, Zach Bussy from Guy Maven was there too and and below are the writers and editorial staff of Beyond Fashion magazine.

And here’s our CEO Dahlai DeSouza, expecting her first child, posing with Raymond Fong and Lily Liao from Streetchic and Raymi the Minx.

At the end of the day we did a last photo session with the Mariposa Cruises’ Captain and his First Mate by the gangway at the end of what was a very memorable and highly enjoyable Mariposa Cruises, Toronto harbour cruise with the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada. Good luck Cynthia Menard in China at the 2017 Miss World competition on November.


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